About us


Olson Construction, based in Lodi, is a family-run company that specializes in the complete design and build of medical and dental offices.

Olson Construction, Inc. prides itself on making each building it produces absolutely customized, and aligned with the client’s plans.

“Doctors are very detail-oriented people, and that’s what’s great about working with them,” Olson says.  Their appreciation for detail makes it fun to build various specialized setups, depending on what area of specialty they are focusing on.

A native Californian, Olson has a long and successful history in the construction trade.  He started in the business upward of 30 years ago working in the cabinetry business, installing commercial case work all over California and Nevada.  The company he worked for specialized in commercial casework for medical and dental offices.

That family feel is evident even among Olson’s employees. Justin Barth, Olson Construction’s project manager and general superintendent, has brought new talent and guides our carpenters, framers, concrete finishers as a working foreman and great team leader.  Kathy Hinkle, the office manager, has relieved Denise Olson of much of her office duties, although Denise still acts as CFO. We’ve learned from being employees ourselves to treat people the way we would want to be treated. We have an amazing team that has a phenomenal work ethic that brings us together as a family.

“Each job is different,” he says.  We approach it that way; we do have lots of experience in building medical and dental suites, but each one has different needs, different requirements and different challenges to fulfilling the client’s ideas.  So we use that experience to complete that vision, so that each project is unique.

30 years of commercial case work all over California and Nevada. Dave's focus is in commercial construction for medical and dental offices.

Dave Olson

Denise has run every facet of the office, but now handles the financials.

Denise Olson

Kathy is the backbone of the team handling the daily office logistics.

Kathy Hinkle

Office Manager