Medical office construction. Dental office contruction. Professional buildings from design to finish.

Medical Office

Medical Office Construction and Renovation

Everyone has different needs, different requirements and different challenges to fulfilling their vision.  So we use that experience to complete that vision.

Dental Office

Dental Office Construction and Renovation

Dentists are very detail-oriented people. That makes it fun to build various specialized setups, depending on what area of dentistry they are focusing on.

Consult & Design

Over 60 years of combined experience…

Olson is passionate about their work and will bring your project from design to finish on time and on budget. With Olson Construction there are no surprises.


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Olson Construction will come to your office with innovative solutions backed by years of experience. Whether you are looking at a lease or purchase of a building or suite, we can provide information regarding the current conditions for the negotiation process.

Most general contractors don’t want to be bothered with the kind of detail that dental and medical offices require. We make sure there are appropriate, attractive receptions, business offices and consultation rooms, as well as the high tech equipment that they always have, and that will always be evolving, so we keep up-to-date with the latest equipment needs so we can build to suit them.